Projects Projects Projects

In yesterday’s post I mentioned my goals for the coming month, and one was going through the various projects and giving a bit of a status report on them. Today’s going to be a bit of a high-level overview, and the next few posts will dig a little deeper into each project. In no particular order, here we go:

This project is at the forefront of my mind - in no small part because it’s one of the most recent to be started.

I’ve got a small survival Minecraft server going at home that my sister, her husband, and I have been playing on. Inspired by HermitCraft, we’ve fired up a fresh world for “Season 00” so we can get used to working together in a way that works better for making videos and live streaming - which we all plan on starting.

The domain registered, I’ve started in on building the website, and there’s a few other bits in the works.

Bible By Example

This is a bible study podcast that I’ve been working on off-and-on for nearly a year. It’s been long past time to get this in gear&helip; A decent enough first run of the website is together, and I’m not entirely sure what’s left to do to be ready to launch. Getting a handle on this will definitely be a part of this month’s agenda.

Yup, this site. I’ve got a few things planned - from migrating from Pretzel to Jekyl, to getting a dedicated feed for the articles I want to republish on I’d also like to tighten up some style/design bits while I’m at it.

The end goal is to make this the central hub for everything I’m doing, and having various tags for the individual projects or subjects for those that don’t want everything.

Wayward Son Developers

This was a site I’d put together long ago when I’d started building sites for some friends and acquaintances, and I figured I’d rather do it under a “company” than under my own name. At the time was considering doing some contract site building.

If nothing else, I’d like to get it to the place where it serves two purposes: a showcase of what I can do for prospective employers, and a home for my programming related posts.

D20 Project

This is an older project that I’d started somewhere in 2014-ish and stalled out. Basically while playing a D&D campaign set in Eberron, I started wondering what it would look like if the traditional D&D setting had grown to a more modern-like world (as opposed to stalling in a Renaissance-esque world like Eberron). So I started working on a campaign setting with my sister and her husband to build just that.

The plan was to build on top of the OGL 3.5e material, and maybe make some tweaks to fit the world we were building and fix a few gripes we’d all had at our various settings. We had some basic character building done, and were starting in on the next steps when everything kinda stalled out. Long story for another day.


Right before the burnout started kicking in hard and impacting my ability to function, I’d offered to take over ASP-Ajaxed - a framework for Classic ASP projects. While I’m not doing much Classic ASP work now, and I’m not sure I’m going to continue down that road, I’d like to get a better project site going and tidy up a few things. As it sits now it’s still fairly solid for those poor souls who still need to work with Classic ASP.

Some other game streaming

I’d like to get at least one or two more game streams going, just because I’d like to diversify my podcasts. I worry that specializing in just Minecraft might leave me hanging if it ever drops in popularity. (though I don’t see that happening for some time)

I’ve considered doing a World of Tanks stream on Saturdays, and calling it “The 48%” (inside joke for the stat obsessed), though I worry that the game is falling and might not be around in any big way in the near future - and more important than that, I just haven’t been having as much fun with the game lately.

I’ve also considered doing Fallout or something like it just because I’m a bit of an antisocial gamer. :smiley:

Wrapping it up

I really feel like I’ve forgotten something, but at this hour that’s not surprising. Tomorrow I’ll pick one and do a bit of a deeper look at where it’s at and what needs to happen. From there the goal is to start making actual progress and to focus the posts on status updates and/or do some thinking out loud type stuff.