Who am I?

That’s a question I ask myself every day…

Most would want to peg me as an IT “Jack of all Trades” given my experience, capacity, and capability in graphics design, web programming, and server administration. I’ve even done some photography and acquired a wide assortment of other skills. Above all, I love learning - in just about every job I’ve had, I’ve always learned and grown beyond the original job role.

But all that sort of implies that the “Jack of all Trades” is also the “Master of None”, which isn’t quite right either… so let’s go with a modern Renaissance Man.

I’ve done, and am mostly comfortable with, full stack development. I’ve been an educator, a coach (youth soccer, High School swimming), a Life Guard Instructor, I’ve done some factory work, and I’m starting up a podcast rooted in my love of theology. I’ve got a few writing projects in the works, and a potential game setting I’m working on with my sister and her husband.

I’ve worked with some open source projects, I’ve adopted and adapted various projects to augment others. In 2013 I was researching options for upgrading a Classic ASP application I was maintaining. I stumbled across the wonderful Ajaxed.org library. In addition to integrating it into various projects, I extended the core libraries to include some missing functions. After the main site went dark, I adopted this abandoned project and am continuing its development.

I’ve done the same with other projects - altering the (now MIA) Noodle Wiki software to tightly integrate into the LMS I had developed for my employer. To add one of the few missing features, I spliced in the page difference function from OpenWiki and the BBCode parsing from Snitz Forums.

The majority of my work and writing are related to my current job, and are not publicly available.

One of my more visible side projects has been working with a local Christian Rock group - Jesus Joshua 24:15. I’ve been their photographer and webmaster, having built their website as a class project and growing it to their current site. Additionally, I’ve been their roadie, studio technician, and helped upgrade their recording studio.