Programming Bits from Recent Projects


I've got the first live stream for CoffeeCraft coming up this Monday at 7pm EDT (-4 UTC? I think? I hate Daylight Saving). I did a test stream a while back, and downloaded some music to run in the background. I've got a plan and now I need to burn off some nervous energy. There's probably a whole other post in there but I spent too much time today finding stuff to do instead of writing the stuff that was on my mind. With a little more work I'll get the nervous slacking to actual writing ratio tipped in the other direction. 😃

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Update on Projects Projects Projects

Last November I posted about some ongoing projects, went through through the various projects and gave a bit of a status report on them, and I mentioned my goals moving forward. Today's going to be a breakdown of what happened between then and now, and what's in store for the future.

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Almost Didn't Post This


No big long deep thoughts today either - a very tiring day at work left me drained. So here's a brief "thinking out loud" kind of thing, slightly related to yesterday's riff. I almost didn't post, but I didn't want to break the forward momentum on actually writing and posting.

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Deep Thoughts Coming Soon


No big long deep thoughts today… got kinda wrapped up in having a day off. As more of a "thinking out loud" kind of thing, one of the ideas I've had bouncing around has to do with the balance between "good enough" and "minimally acceptable".

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In Defence of Almost NaNoWriMo


Not 1/6th of the way in to Almost NaNoWriMo, and I'll admit to feeling a little defensive. I was originally thinking of this article this morning in terms of being a spot-check or reflection on the exercise so far, but if I'm being brutally honest, it was a couple of comments that have been on a slow burn in the back of my mind since last night:

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