Custom Villager Sounds v1.0.0

   MinecraftResource Packs

I built a resource pack that replaces all the villager vocalizations with some actual audio work, voiced by me, and altered so it’s not me listening to me every trip to the trading hall. After watching Grian play with a pack that replaced the villager voices, and wanting to get into building resource and data packs for the game, I put this together. It should work in Minecraft 1.15+ (and with some minor adjustments you might be able to get it running in earlier versions).

It’s very definitely a “Version 1” resource pack at this juncture. My first concern was to make sure I could get this to work - which it does. Next version will be a little better scripted, a few more than two quick takes, and some more subtle changes to the voice pitch and tone. Download from:

You can hear some examples and get a quick run-down in the video below:

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