Almost Didn't Post This


No big long deep thoughts today either - a very tiring day at work left me drained. So here’s a brief “thinking out loud” kind of thing, slightly related to yesterday’s riff. I almost didn’t post, but I didn’t want to break the forward momentum on actually writing and posting. I’m sure someone will point to this as a counterpoint to my defense of writing a post a day, use it as an example of the low-quality, low-energy post of dubious value that is better relegated to the “drafts” bin. And on the one hand, they’d be right. I truly hope they never know what it’s like struggling with burnout and some of the concerns I raised in Sabbaticals, Reflections, and Changes. It’s for those struggling that I post - you too can persevere, post and progress, no matter what that little negative voice in the back of your head is saying. For that matter, this very post was little more than the first sentence and the next paragraph until I actually sat down and started writing. That’s probably a thought worth further examination.

Anyway, back to the original spark: I’m wondering if I’m striking the right balance between “good enough” and “minimally acceptable” in a couple of projects. Two of the bigger concerns are CoffeeCraft and Bible By Example. (See Projects Projects Projects for the Cliff Notes version)

I think tomorrow I’ll do a status update on one, Friday the other, and revisit this idea on Saturday. Look at that, a plan. Yesterday and today may have been low-energy days, but tomorrow’s a new day.